The Summer Heat - A Gardener Girl's Guide to Tucson Survival

It's here! Our dreaded days of summer.

It's over 100 degrees and every cloud in the sky is a welcome sight. While outside working, I find myself finding strategies to work my way to shade and not face the blazing sun.

I am a "girlie girl" who owns a small landscape company with her husband. I am out in the sun 4 plus hours a day. It's not easy keeping my "girlie girl" look going all day (but I try).

Here's a few tips and tricks to stay cool and keep that garden fabulous-

~ Get up early and get the gardening chores done
I try to get up around 6:00 am. It's cool out. Grab your java or juice and do your watering, pruning and other chores that need to be done. At 6:00am, no one cares if your still in your pajamas!

~ Plant check up
Give your plants a routine exam. It's hot out. Are they getting enough water? Do you need to adjust some drips or sprinklers?
A day with no water could be "the end" for more tender or new plants. Give them a good soak until you see water coming from the bottom of your pots.

Our succulents and cactus need very little water. But check them too. I water mine about once a month or so.
If your lawn or grass areas get a bluish tint to it, it needs water.

~ What to wear?
It's is a big decision for me. Shorts are great but when doing heavy pruning or walking through giant weeds they are impractical. You'll end up with scratches, bites and bruises. Wear something to protect your legs if you're going to do any serious landscaping.

I sweat! My favorite gardening tops these days are flowery "loosey goosey" cotton tops. I found a few vintage, handmade ones which I love. Also love vintage aprons with pockets.

~ USE THE SUNSCREEN and go light on the make-up and
I can't say it enough. USE THE SUNSCREEN!! I use a more expensive SPF 50. We don't want wrinkles, spots, cancer and any other things that aren't suppose to be there.

Go easy on the make-up. It'll just melt. You can get all dolled up at night or once you get in the air conditioning!

~ Drink your water!
This is probably the best tip I can give anyone who lives here in the desert and wants a garden.

On a hot day, I usually drink at least 2 gallons of water a day. We keep gallon jugs in the spare frig and take them with us where ever we go. I have seen landscapers go into convulsions from dehydration.

Remember your kids need water too. They have an endless amount of energy and use it.
Forget the soda while out in the heat, leave it at home. Take the water instead.

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  1. Wonderful advice! In all my enthusiasm, I tend to forget about the water part and then get dehydrated.