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Having a landscape company, brings us to the nursery and garden centers many times a week. I want to bring home everything. I have to STOP.

I've made a commitment to myself not to spend money on plants. Yes, I'll take cuttings, divide my pots and take time to plant those seeds. I search craigslist and freecycle for "freebies". Gardener's (in general) are very generous and love to share their treasures.

I'll spend money on seeds but hate those seed packets. I need to get out the magnifying glass to see the time zones and still can't decifer what zone we're in and every package is different.

Well, YIPPEE! I found the AZ Master Gardener's Site and it has all the information on one page. I added this link permanately to my blog. There's one for seeds and one for vegtables. Hope you'll all find it useful!

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