The Start - "Compost for a Lazy Girl"!

I hate dealing with the garbage.

Separating, cleaning the cans and examining waste isn't in things I love to do! But it has to be done! Putting everything in the same place is a "lazy person's" behavior and against my thought process.

I've never really found room or a "great look" for the recyclables (plastic and paper), disgusting meat or protein leftovers, greasy gunk and the stuff we all should save for "black gold".

I have two kitchen trash cans - one for recyclables and one for the "disgusting crap". It's a work in progress but still a pain in the ass! Takes up so much of my limited space, looks like trailer trash -- I hate it.

What are the options - just move on and throw it all away, "out of sight, out of mind", loose sleep at night by feeling guilty and living in the "old head" mentality or just "do it"?

Make an example, show that you're never too old to change. Just do it!

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